6 Practical and Effective Risk Identification Techniques

How to perform risk identification? How to discover problems that you are unaware of? Check the topic on PMBOK® Guide. I believe, it says nothing about the practical application of risk identification processes. Tough, the techniques are simple.

Risk Identification

When I was a junior project manager, I focused on quite obvious risks. Usually, it was the poor accuracy of estimates, unexpected problems with team members, unclear requirements and so on.

Risk Management Framework Explained in Simple Words

5 processes to handle project risks efficiently

Risk management framework is critical for any project. You need a clear workflow, processes, and documents to efficiently overcome risks. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time and resources for nothing.

Risk Management Framework

When I was a junior project manager, I worked in one of software development companies. It did not have a risk management framework. Therefore, when I started exploring the topic I had made all possible mistakes.

3 Powerful Risk Management Examples

These risk management examples will show how to solve several problems. I want to stress that problems are solved long before the team encounters them. No stress, no panic, no firefighting. That is how risk management should work.

Businesswoman hand stopping the domino wooden effect, risk management examples

Managing risks is a mature level of project management. When a piece of work is well defined it will be done smoothly. So you can focus your project management approach around solving problems. You remove impediments that disrupt the normal working process.

Why Truth is a Tool in Project Management

Is it worth hiding the truth while managing projects? There were several comments to my article on unethical and unprofessional behaviour. They say it is. In some cases, it might be easier to solve problems quietly. Without informing stakeholders. I want to warn you against it! Truth is a tool in project management.

truth in project management

I had experience working in an organization where I had to manage truth. I was not allowed to inform stakeholders when people leave the team, and we take someone new. It may seem like not a big deal. But, it lasted for years. Many changes happened.

5 Valuable Project Management Blogs I Suggest to Follow

How can you extend your knowledge on a daily basis? By reading project management blogs. Though, not all of them are equally useful. Therefore, I prepared a list of blogs I can suggest you to read.

project management blogs to read

Why would I advise you to spend time reading blogs rather that a solid book on project management? First of all, I understand the scarcity of your time, energy, and willpower. It is hard to force yourself even to start something like Rita’s PMP Exam Prep.