How to Improve Your Project Success Chances

At some point, you will hand-off your final delivery to the customers. Will they be satisfied? How can you be sure? What about other stakeholders? To finish a project successfully, you need to consider all significant aspects. Not all of them are about the project.

Quite often I hear that a PM should finish a project within constraints of time, costs, and scope. Some also add quality to the list. Though, I think we should never trade quality.

4 Traits of the Best Junior Project Manager

What traits do comprise a good junior project manager? They do not have much of experience. Colleagues do not expect them to know everything. Nevertheless, only a few of them will become great project manager after all.

43 Important Risk Categories for Effective Risk Identification

List of risk categories is one of the major inputs to risk identification. It is particularly the case if you do not have a robust risk management processes in place. I believe that risk categories are the most important part of any lessons learned. Moreover, this list should be shared and updated by all projects in an organisation.

Risk Categories Folder

When I was a junior PM, risk management was one of the most difficult areas. I read a lot of books and posts on the topic. However, only one managed to clear things out. It was Rita Mulcahy’s book.

6 Practical and Effective Risk Identification Techniques

How to perform risk identification? How to discover problems that you are unaware of? Check the topic on PMBOK® Guide. I believe, it says nothing about the practical application of risk identification processes. Tough, the techniques are simple.

Risk Identification

When I was a junior project manager, I focused on quite obvious risks. Usually, it was the poor accuracy of estimates, unexpected problems with team members, unclear requirements and so on.

Risk Management Framework Explained in Simple Words

5 processes to handle project risks efficiently

Risk management framework is critical for any project. You need a clear workflow, processes, and documents to efficiently overcome risks. Otherwise, you may end up wasting time and resources for nothing.

Risk Management Framework

When I was a junior project manager, I worked in one of software development companies. It did not have a risk management framework. Therefore, when I started exploring the topic I had made all possible mistakes.