How to be the Best Project Manager (For Your Team)

What separates the best project managers from the rest? You do try to motivate and care for people. The atmosphere in the team is fabulous. Nevertheless, they disengage too often. The team stops developing. You fail projects. It happens because you focus on a wrong set of your responsibilities.

The best project manager stands in a cloak of a superhero

Here is how I remember my initial periods as project manager. It is just the same as I saw it many times with others.

Scrum Master vs Project Manager: Who Wins?

Scrum Master vs Project Manager. Who is better? Theoretical agile and plan-driven worlds cannot co-exist in one project. Mindsets, roles, processes and artefacts are that different. And yet in real life you will often see an agile project manager leading a scrum team.

So, Scrum Master vs Project Manager. Is it really a confrontation or just a confusion around implementation of different frameworks? I remember my early days as PM. When I knew little about philosophies of agile, PMBOK® Guide, or any approaches at all.

Truth About Benefits of the PMI PMP Certification

3 Overlooked Benefits of the Certification

PMI PMP is one of the most popular certification in project management profession. Nevertheless, you may have wrong expectations for it. Many see it as a booster to their salary and job offers. But the true benefits are different.

Personally, I also had wrong expectations as well. But I corrected them quite fast. Here is how it was.