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Project Management Basics

At PM Basics, you will learn all ins and outs of project management. I teach how to lead real projects with real people. It goes far beyond a textbook.

At the heart of PM’s role is continuous development. If you struggle to find the time and trusted source of knowledge, I will help you here. Articles on the Blog come from my professional experience on real projects.

Spending just ten minutes per week, you can boost your skills and knowledge. In a year it adds up to a reading of an additional book on project management.

If you want to take a one step further free PM Basics Membership gives you instant access to in-depth education on different knowledge areas on Project Management. It can keep you equipped with learning materials for several months.

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Project Management Topics

Leadership And Motivation

Become a true leader on your project. Learn how to combine the best of leadership and management.

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Project Risk Management

Master all the aspects of Risk Management that will boost the chances for success of your project.

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Project Scope Management

Learn how to identify 100% of project scope. Also, find out how to control the scope creep. And much more.

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Stakeholders Engagement

Find out how to identify key stakeholders and focus on what they really want. Approach their engagement strategically.

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