Your ultimate goal as a Project Manager is to make people:

  1. Feel ownership for the project.
  2. Love to work with you.
  3. Feel valued.
  4. Follow your example.
  5. Feel the impact they have on the project.

But there is a catch:

For leadership to work you need three components:

  1. A leader who made conscious decision to lead
  2. Compelling common interest to follow
  3. People

In Project Management there is a severe lack of compelling common interest. So you need to find a cause interesting for your team member and aligned with benefits required by the project.

Find Compelling Interests and Strat Build Your Leadership Style Today

  • Understand your role as a PM correctly

  • Learn what leadership means in project management

  • Find out how to lead when you have not authority yet

  • Prepare yourself to lead other leaders and managers

  • Learn how to develop a strong Project Management Team

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