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How to Become a Perfect Junior Project Manager in 30 days

An online program that will make you a Project Manager.

What You Get

Core Project Management Course

Module 1: Theory of Project Management
Lesson #1: What is a Project?
Lesson #2: Project Boundaries
Lesson #3: Project Management Process
Lesson #4: Role of a PM and Essence of Project Management
Lesson #5: Project Life Cycle: Overview
Lesson #6: Project Life Cycle: Typical Phases
Lesson #7: Methodologies and Frameworks
Lesson #8: Importance of Communications

Module 2: Starting a Project
Lesson #1: Project Integration - Initiating
Lesson #2: Stakeholders: Why do we need them?
Lesson #3: Stakeholders: How to Identify Stakeholders
Lesson #4: Stakeholders: How to Perform Stakeholder Analysis
Lesson #5: Stakeholders: Expectations vs. Requirements
Lesson #6: Stakeholders: How to Select Engagement Strategies
Lesson #7: How to Collect Project High-level Information
Lesson #8: Work of a PM During Project Initiation

Module 3: Project Planning
Lesson #1: Project Integration - Planning
Lesson #2: Selecting a Framework/Approach?
Lesson #3: Project Management Plan
Lesson #4: How to Decompose Project Requirements
Lesson #5: How to Collect Requirements
Lesson #6: Requirements, Quality and Project Scope
Lesson #7: Quality Management
Lesson #8: Project Scope: Deliverables
Lesson #9: Project Scope: How to Identify Scope
Lesson #10: How to Estimate Project Work
Lesson #11: How to Create a Project Schedule
Lesson #12: How to Create a Project Budget
Lesson #13: Project Integration - Risk Management
Lesson #14: Risk Management: How to Identify Risks
Lesson #15: Risk Management: How to Perform Qualitative Analysis
Lesson #16: Risk Management: How to Select Response Plans
Lesson #17: Work of a Project Manager During Planning
Lesson #18: Project Planning Concepts

Module 4: Project Execution

Lesson #1: Project Integration - Executing a Project
Lesson #2: How to Write Emails
Lesson #3: How to Run Meetings
Lesson #4: How to Collect Feedback with Delphi Technique
Lesson #5: How to Write Project Weekly Reports
Lesson #6: How to Resolve Conflicts
Lesson #7: How to Delegate
Lesson #8: How to Aquire Project Team and Resources
Lesson #9: How to Work with the Project Team: Tasks, Impediments, Progress
Lesson #10: How to Monitor and Control The Project
Lesson #11: How to Conduct Project Change Management
Lesson #12: How to Communicate with Clients (and Key Stakeholders)
Lesson #13: Motivation Theories
Lesson #14: Leadership Concepts
Lesson #15: How to Lead and Motivate
Lesson #16: How to Finish a Project
Lesson #17: Professional Ethics of a Project Manager

Module 5: Rebranding into Project Manager

Lesson #1: Dissection of a PM Job Description
Lesson #2: Perfect CV Components
Lesson #3: Perfect Achievement Chops
Lesson #4: Drafting a Perfect CV
Lesson #5: A Story Behind an Achievement

On-going Project Management Education

Two new lessons per month on project management and leadership that will continuously make you a better project manager candidate. 

Bonus #1: How to Create a Robust WBS Course

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