Make your project predictable, gain clarity on everything that needs to be done, and always deliver what stakeholders wanted.

  • It makes change management efficient

    You do know that changes are inevitable. Having a WBS on a project means that you have a structured breakdown of the project the scope. Any change request is in a plain sight, and you can tell exactly what the impact is. You can actually point that out with your finger and be confident that everyone is on the same page.

  • It makes stakeholders happy by delivering tangible results

    A Work Breakdown Structure organizes a project into deliverables. They should be tangible and ready for the show. This way you make an explicit focus for the team to work towards results. You also get feedback from stakeholders on every deliverable. So, you progress through the project together. In the end, you just hand them over a polished version of what they already accepted. There is no stress and long nights on putting all parts together on the last day.

  • Reduce stress and build motivation in your team with WBS

    Are people disengaged and just sitting 9-to-5 in the office? Let them provide their input and break down the project scope. Assign responsibility for the project parts, and they will feel ownership for the deliverables, estimates, and quality. You can assign parts of the project to people who have required skills and level. One day you will see how your team gets into the office early in the morning just to get things done because of they know the impact they create on the whole project. And they happy to work with you.

What is a Work Breakdown Structure?

WBS is a tool that helps to systematically break down the scope of a project into tangible, verifiable and manageable parts.

It works with projects of any size and nature. Moreover, it is scalable to any level of complexity and details.

The benefit of using a Work Breakdown Structure is that you will plan, produce and track against the same tangible deliverables. Your team will always work towards creating concrete results. These results are clear to all stakeholders and, therefore, managing their expectations will become a no-brainer.

It is Scope Management only, isn't it?

WBS Course Lesson 6 - Role of a WBS in a Project Management - Part 2 - Using WBS.001

  • Scope Decomposition

    Identification of 100% of the project scope is the primary purpose of creating a Work Breakdown Structure.

    However, a WBS is input to dozens of processes throughout project life cycle. It is the fundamental tool in project management.

  • Communication Framework

    Elements of WBS have complete information about work the project team plans to do. They may represent parts of work stakeholders understand and can visualise. Therefore, Work Breakdown Structure becomes a perfect tool for communications.

  • Integration Management

    Work Breakdown Structure can act as a framework for all your efforts to combine separate processes and activities into a cohesive whole. It provides a baseline for future change management. And it bridges the project objectives with the actual work to be done.

  • Monitoring and Controlling

    If you integrate your project around WBS, you will also get an ability to control your project against WBS elements. It gives you a benefit to retain the connection between project objectives, requirements, deliverables and real tasks the project team will be working on.

Why is WBS that Important?

Here is a video from one of the lessons for you for free. It explains why Work Breakdown Structure is important.

Approach in PMBOK Guide is also based around WBS!

If you read PMBOK® Guide carefully you will find that you can use the tool I’m talking about as an input in 21 processes. 21 out of 47 use this tool or results derived from it.

You can apply WBS in any organization.

Most likely you do use a Work Breakdown Structure in one way or another. You just don’t realize that yet.

However, there is a problem.

A poor quality work decomposition usually results in scope creep, reworks and unhappy stakeholders.

In any case, there are no strict prerequisites for efficient application of a Work Breakdown Structure. You can start using it without support from others. You can leverage the benefits of a WBS right away in almost any environment.

It’s like having a cheat sheet. You come into a new company with a ready-made plan to organize and motivate your team. That’s actually like top project managers do.

You can use WBS concepts in an Agile environment.

If you don’t work in a pure Agile environment (which is truly rare), there is a beneficial application for a Work Breakdown Structure.

My project team used WBS quality principles to write unambiguous User Stories and decomposed them into tangible parts.

I used it for communications with top management. That was not that agile. And it felt like we were talking the same language with them. Our meetings were always constructive and up to the point.

It is just additional paperwork!

Yes, it is… if you create a Work Breakdown Structure for the sake of creating it.

However, you did learn from the video above how to use WBS elements throughout the whole project?

Moreover, you can build connections from objectives and requirements to deliverables, and separate tasks that your team will work on and stakeholders accept. 

If you do create a WBS in your company, you can make it the most powerful tool. You can put all your processes into a cohesive whole and start managing projects as professionals do.

WBS is not a silver bullet

While the benefits of a Work Breakdown Structure are huge, it has its costs.

A WBS should be created with underlying quality principles in mind. There are about twenty of them.

You need to integrate WBS into your other processes. It might require changes.

Still, it pays off many times. And the more you use it, the more effortless it becomes.

That is why I created an online course that covers all ins and outs of a WBS.

How to Boost Your Project With Expertly Build WBS Online Course

What is inside?

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 16.25.08

  • Video Lessons

    The course consists of 14 video lessons divided into 4 modules. Each video is short and up to the point.

  • Quizzes

    After each module, there is a quiz that will help you to remember and understand the material better.

  • Homework

    There is a set of homework tasks that I suggest you to complete. It will enforce your practical skills.

  • My Support

    I will be there to answer all of your questions. My goal is to ensure that after the course you become a better PM.

Knowledge Designed to Last Forever

I believe that principles of scope management and WBS will not change in near future. Therefore, I put a lot of expertise in developing this course to ensure that you learn it once and forever. It will give you an opportunity to hone your skills years after. You will see how easy using a WBS will time after time. You will also notice how stress-free your projects will become.

  • Vitaliy Tymoshenko, Senior Project Manager
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Bonus #1: Access to PM Basics Library For Free (Value: $275.00)

If you act now you will also get access to the Whole PM Basics Library. At the moment it includes learning materials that will keep you busy for months. You do not need to look for anything else  because it includes the best content I created packed in a convenient form:

  • Project Management Skills and Knowledge Assessment Sheet
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  • Book: Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Robust Work Breakdown Structure
  • Full List of Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Templates, Examples, etc.

I give it for free because I understand that even after watching this video you will want to learn more about Stakeholder or risk management. So, you will be able to build on the course even further. And making you a better PM is my passion.

Bonus #2: Project Management Quick Start Guide (Value: $17.00)

You will also get the Project Management Quick Start Guide for free. It gives a high-level overview of all processes. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to see how WBS fits together with other processes.

Let's recap what you get!

How much does it cost?

The price of the course is $59.

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You can learn first and decide later. After watching course materials you will become an expert in Work Breakdown Structure or you just get your money back within 30 days. And you can keep the bonuses. Anyway, I'm sure you will find the course valuable. 

Frequently Asked Questions


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Q: Is it suitable for me?
A: Unless you are a master in WBS, this course is for you. Even if you have many years of experience this knowledge will be valuable.

Q: Is WBS restricted to specific industries?
A: No, WBS can be used on a project in any industry.

Q: Is it for Senior Project Managers?
No, it is not. However, you do need to have basic knowledge of project management. I think you need about 1+ years of real experience to really appreciate the ideas in this course.

Q: How long does the course take?
A: You will need no more than 1 hour a week during the period of 3 weeks.

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